For International Customers


Online Demonstration Classes

for Soap Lovers from worldwide


Thank you for being interested in Aromatica's soap.


Even though in this chaotic situation caused by COVID-19, we have received a lot of lesson requests from all over the world. Thank you very much!


For international customers, we are unable to travel to your place to open a class due to COVID-19. Additionally, we are unable to send materials and ingredients to your place as there is very high possibility of unexpected delays.


Therefore, we have decided to run new classes for international customers on Zoom, “Online Demonstration Class”.


Please read this page carefully and check the details before you send an inquiry. Currently, due to shortage in number of staffs, it might take awhile to respond your messages. Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you are still interested in our new “Demonstration Class”, feel free to contact me for further details.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this situation of COVID-19. 


It is a hard time for everyone in the world. We wish everyone's safety and keep your hygiene to prevent the spreading of the virus.


Soap Designer

Kazumi Kinoshita


- About Kazumi Kinoshita


She is a famous handmade soap expert designer in Japan. She has awarded many soap design contests and has published books about soap making and designs. 


Before COVID-19, she traveled not only Japan but also all over the world to teach her techniques and designs of Aromatica Method's Soap Making to soap lovers, Korea (Seoul Daegu), China (Beijing), Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Jakarta and Dubai etc.


And a lot of media visits her about her soaps, from the world.

Her beautifully designed soaps are very special.

She has 50K followers on her Instagram.


 Instagram: @kinoshitakazumi



- About Certificate


If you fulfill the required conditions, the certificate will be issued by Aromatica after the lesson. Grade of the certification is depending on the lesson.



For Soap Lovers

Delicately Beautiful, Gorgeous Soaps from Aromatica


We provide a lot of different kinds of soap making lessons.

Anyone can make soaps that are beautiful and gentle using carefully selected materials by Aromatica. 

Kazumi has licenses for soap producing and sales, authorized by Japanese pharmaceutical lows.




Online Demonstration Classes

for International Soap Lovers


With the kindly understanding of this situation of COVID-19, for the customers who still would like to take online classes, we will provide classes with only a demonstration.

Lesson Overviews

Lesson's Content

Kazumi Kinoshita will demonstrate soap making with explanation on Zoom for you.

Zoom URL Link and password will be noticed you before lesson.


It is the demonstration ONLY, therefore you only get the lecture of how to make our soaps.

That means you can't make soap in real-time.


Lesson Menu

We have various types of soap making lessons Since our website is only available in Japanese, please go through our website in your language by translating with Google translate. You can click the button below to access our translated page by Google translate. Please be aware that Google translate may not be always accurate.

Available Time

Between 10:00 and 17:00 in Japan Time (UTC+9)


Requirement: 3 or more students per class

Please make a group of 3 or more students who wish to attend.


About Fees

Lesson Fee

The lesson fee is the same as the normal classes.

Fees depend on the lessons, please refer to the lesson pages for the detail.


For example,


  • Diploma Course ¥57,200(Inc Tax),
    approximately 540USD for one person
  • Instructor Course ¥81,000(Inc Tax), 
    approximately 760USD for one person


  • Diploma Course ¥60,500(Inc Tax)
    approximately 570USD for one person


       approximately 310USD for one person


Arrangement for an Interpreter

All classes are held in Japanese. Therefore if Japanese is not your native language, you need to hire an interpreter between Japanese and your language and bear the fee by yourself.The cost of hiring an interpreter is not included in the lesson fees. We strongly recommend you to search and check the interpreter's fee before sending us an inquiry as hiring interpreters costs a lot in usual cases.

Important Notice

There are separate charges besides the lesson fees.

- Expenses of the hiring interpreters fee

- etc.


Please coordinate and arrange the following things by yourself.

・Interpreters between Japanese and your language

・Assist your group, for example, including announcing the information, the date and time, place, fees, rules,  etc. in your language.


About Payment:

After the booking, all fees should be paid by international money transfer in advance.

Please pay the transfer fees by the customer.

How to book

Sending Inquiry

Please kindly read this page carefully, first.

And then, feel free to send an inquiry via this Inquiry Form in English.

Please indicate which lesson would you like to have, the number of students and the information about your place in the message area in the Inquiry Form.

You can also send an email to

Our Schedule

Days with some Japanese descriptions are booked or closing day. If it is empty, it's available for booking.

This link page is by Google Translate.
Please be aware that Google translate may not be always accurate.

Beautiful Kazumi's Soap Making Books in Japanese

These books are written in Japanese. If you would like to publish these books in your language, please contact to the following links to the publishers.



Graphic-sha Publishing
Graphic-sha Publishing

Handmade Sweets Soap Making

with Whipped Soap

Poplar Publishing
Poplar Publishing

Birthstone Gem Soap KIT for Kids


Translated & Published in the world!


Gem Soap Handmade Book is translated and published in Korea.

Handmade Sweets Soap Making with Whipped Soap is translated and published in Hong Kong & Taiwan.