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Kazumi Kinoshita's Soap Making Lessons are now available ONLINE.

An Interpreter will be present in the lesson. We will send you a Textbook and Material Kit from Japan. Please sign up at least 3 weeks before you would like to take a lesson.

Step1: Choose Online Lesson in English

The following online lessons are available with an English Interpreter.

Lesson Fee + Shipping Fee

Lesson Fee for Online

40,700 JPY (approx. 4 hours)

including Textbooks & Materials & Tools

English Interpreter Fee 11,500 JPY
+ Shipping Fee

The shipping fee depends on the country where we send it to.

We will let you know the shipping cost after signing up.

Lesson Fee + Shipping Fee

Lesson Fee for Online

25,000 JPY (approx. 3 hours)

including Textbooks & Materials

English Interpreter Fee 9,200 JPY
+ Shipping Fee

The shipping fee depends on the country where we send it to.

We will let you know the shipping cost after signing up.

Step2: Send Sign up form

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Step3: Payment within 5days

After receiving your application, we will let you know a payment method instruction and the total amount of fees including shipping fee Please complete the payment within 5 days. And kindly send us the transaction receipt by email.

The International transaction fee and other commissions should be paid by the customer.

Step4: Shipping & Arrange the lesson schedule

We will send the textbooks and materials to you only after confirming payment.

The delivery duration varies especially due to Covid-19.

If the package would not be delivered by the lesson date, you can schedule a make-up lesson on the next available online lesson in English.

Step5: Preparations for Lesson

Please read carefully the following links and check what you need to prepare.

Some basic home appliances like a microwave, a fridge, an induction heating and some tools are required for the lesson.

Find the details on the following pages.


Attention !

 < Alcohol Splay (80-95%) & Essential Oils >

In addition, please prepare alcohol splay (concentration 80-95%) and some essential oils by yourself.

Due to air transportation regulations and import regulations, we are not able to send you those are normally included in the lesson material kit.



What time can we arrange lessons?

From 9:00 am to 17:00 pm JST except for Wednesdays.

JST is UTC+9, no summertime.


If you are late or no show...

Don't be late. We will not wait for you and start the lesson on time as scheduled. No Refund.


How much is the shipping fee?

Shipping fees varies. It depends on which country you live.

We will let you know as soon as we received your sign-up.


Is lesson available in any other languages?

You can hire your interpreter by yourself. However, Textbooks are only available in Japanese and English.



Our Schedule

Days with some Japanese descriptions are booked or closing day. If it is empty, it's available for booking.

- About Kazumi Kinoshita


She is a famous handmade soap expert designer in Japan. She has awarded many soap design contests and has published books about soap making and designs. 


Before COVID-19, she traveled not only Japan but also all over the world to teach her techniques and designs of Aromatica Method's Soap Making to soap lovers, Korea (Seoul Daegu), China (Beijing), Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Jakarta and Dubai etc.


And a lot of media visits her about her soaps, from the world.

Her beautifully designed soaps are very special.

She has 50K followers on her Instagram.


 Instagram: @kinoshitakazumi

56K Followers from worldwide!