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 Amino Acid Art Soap Lesson

アミノ酸 アートソープ レッスン AA_3_3

Online Class 4.5 HoursDiploma IssuanceOfficial Textbooks & Kits
Amino Acid Soap Design Art Soap Bubble

Amino acid soaps are filled with artistic designs that fully enjoy the transparency of amino acid soaps.


Using amino acid soaps, you will make 5 designs in total: moon (2 types), rainbow, soap bubble soaps, and lace soaps with "sky" motifs.


If you want to know how to make the basic amino acid soap base, please refer to "Amino Acid Soap Basic & Crack・Herbarium Soap Lesson.

If you want to learn how to make the lace part, please refer to "Amino Acid Lace Soap Lesson".


1. Moon Motif 1 Amino Acid Soap

Learn techniques to represent the moon in the night sky in three dimensions.

Amino Acid Art Soap Moon Soap Making Method

2. Moon Motif 2 Amino Acid Soap

Learn how to make amino acid art soap with a fantastic moon motif like a painting.

Amino Acid Handmade Soap Moonlight Soap

3. Rainbow Motif Amino Acid Soap

Learn how to design rainbows and clouds in a blue sky on soap.

4. Soap Bubble Motif Amino Acid Soap

The colorful design will be based on the motif of soap bubbles flying fluffy in the sky.

5. Amino Acid Lace Soap

Cut the lace and create a design trapped in amino acid soap.

The transparency of the soap is wonderful.


If you want to know how to make the lace part, we offer lessons at "Amino Acid Lace Soap Lesson".


Easy-to-understand online courses and review textbook included.


You will receive a kit with everything you need for our lessons, including molds.

Course Fees

Amino Acid Art Soap Lesson
Total Course Fee

Art Soap" - Moon (2 kinds), Rainbow, Soap Bubble, Lace Soap, Total 5 designs

¥33,000(text, kit (including mold), diploma)


In addition to the above,

+ International Shipping Procedure Fee per shipping

+ International Shipping Costs
+ Interpreter Fee

Course Duration

4.5 Hours

Please make sure to prepare the following for the course

Kitchen Scale (0.1g increments) 1 Microwave  1
Parchment paper  1 Freezer  1
Scissors 1 Wire Soap Cutter (kitchen knife) & cutting board
Disposable spoon 2-3    
★ Alcohol Spray      
★ Essential Oil 3ml    
★ Purified Water 100ml    

*Please be make sure to prepare every single item.



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