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 Shampoo Bar ( + Conditioner Bar )

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Original shampoo conditioner bar lesson

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"Shampoo Bar Lesson"

This plant-colored solid-type shampoo lathers well and provides a fluffy, clean wash.


Since shampoo bars do not come in plastic containers, they are becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly product that helps reduce waste.


In this lesson, we will make shampoo bars in four different colors using herbs and other naturally derived dyes.


Tips for a smooth finish will also be provided!


+ Conditioner Bar!

The lesson will also include making a conditioner bar to use with the shampoo bar.


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 Shampoo Bar in 4 different colors

Shampoo Bar Making Classroom Lesson Niigata Online

In the lesson, we will make shampoo bars in four different colors using herbs and other naturally derived dyes.

(Colors may change depending on the season.)


Tips for a smooth finish will also be given!

Conditioner Bar (4 pieces)


We also make 4 conditioner bars to use with the shampoo bars.


This textbook (recipe) is included in this course.

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Shampoo Bar Lesson

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4 hours each

Please make sure to prepare the following for this course

IH cooker 1 Cling wrap  1
Microwave 1 Disposable rubber gloves 2-3 pairs
Kitchen scale 1 Thermometer (if you have one)  1
Heat-resistant spoon  2-5    
Essential Oil 3ml ×2    

That's all! Please note that there are many items to be prepared! Please be careful not to leave anything out.



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