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 Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method
24 Hours Matured Cold Process Soap Method

アロマティカラボ®︎メソッド コールドプロセスソープ 24時間熟成製法 C3_1_3

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What is the Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method
24 Hours Matured Cold Process Soap Method ?

The “Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method 24 Hours Matured Cold Process Soap Method'' that we will be introducing today is, as the name suggests, a manufacturing method that allows you to use it immediately for bath time the next day within 24 hours of molding. With this process, soap can be matured in just 24 hours, whereas the traditional cold process (CP) process took about a month.“Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method 24 Hours Matured Cold Process Soap Method'' Diploma Course consists of two parts. In STEP 1, you will make basic Marseille soap without any options using the 24-hour maturing method. The ingredients used are the same as conventional CP soap, but we will clearly tell you the unique recipe quantities, temperature control, and mixing methods. In STEP 2, you will add familiar ingredients and additives as options, and learn how the properties of soap change depending on the options, whilst making CP soap using a 24-hour maturing process. We will clearly tell you the recipe amounts of soap ingredients that change depending on the options you add, and the timing/method of adding options. You can use the soap the day after making it, so you can enjoy the freshness of essential oils and options.

Course Contents

You can add options to make your soap and enjoy the design, just like conventional CP soaps!

短時間熟成CPソープ コールドプロセスソープ24時間熟成製法


Ready to use in 24 hours!
Basic instructions + 15 options + 8 additions way!

  • About Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method "24 Hours Matured Cold Process Soap Method"
  • Soap Dough Tem, Changes and Options
  • Comparison with Conventional Japanese CP Method
  • Chemical Formula of Saponification Reaction and Calculation of Amount of Caustic Soda
  • 15 options arranged from the basic recipe and their effects and properties
  • Amounts of each option added and 8 types of timing for addition
  • Preparation of some options

Practical Soap Making

Depending on the level of the student, students will choose two of the following three soap-making practices and produce them.

◼️ STEP 1 : Basic Soap with "24 Hours Matured CP Soap Method"

Basic Marseille Soap


Learn how to make the Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method "24 Matured Cold Process Soap Method" using traditional CP soap ingredients.


You can learn the process that allows soap to mature in a short time.


◼️ STEP 2 : "24 Hours Matured CP Soap Method" Soap with Options

Op-A: Soap with Option's Active Ingredients

The optional ingredients create a rich lather and soft, it gives to your skin moisture.


Op-B: Long lasting soap with food ingredients

Create soaps with food ingredient options that prevent soap degradation and provide a creamier, richer lather.


This course comes with a textbook (recipe).


This textbook is also included in the "Instructional Lesson Kit for Diploma Holders" (purchased separately at the time of instruction).

Course Fees

★Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method "24 Hours Matured Cold Process Soap Method"

Course Duration

7 Hours
Course Fees

¥66,000 (materials for 1kg of amino acid soap, textbook, diploma certificate included)

In addition to the above,

+ International Shipping Procedure Fee per shipping

+ International Shipping Costs
+ Interpreter Fee

Please make sure to prepare the following for the course

 Caustic Soda*

Thermal Insulation Box or Towels(When the room temperature is low)

IH Cooker Plastic Wrap
Kitchen Scale (0.1g increments) Protective Goggles
Handheld Blender Disposable Rubber Gloves
Stainless Steel Bowl(2L size) Mask
Long Handled Stainless Steel Spoon Apron
Non-contact Thermometer (if available) Wet towel for wiping hands
Heat-resistant Spatula・Tea Strainer・Soap Cutter(Knife)・Cutting Board Work surface protedtion

*Caustic soda is a deleterious substance.

Please be sure to purchase, use, and manage deleterious materials at your own risk.

Please be careful when handling at home.

We cannot be held responsible for any handling of caustic soda, including during lessons.



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