Aromatica Labo.®︎ Official International Agents

Only International Official Agents approved by Aromatica Labo.®︎ will be listed on this page.

ONLY Diploma holders can purchase the relevant lesson's textbook(s) and certificate(s) only if they comply with the requirements by Aromatica Labo.®. Please follow the "Lesson Application Procedure" in the textbook.


When you teach your students, it is MANDATORY to purchase

a set of "Aromatica Labo.®︎'s Official Textbook and Diploma Certificate" FOR EACH STUDENT

from International Agents or Aromatica Labo.®︎


只有在符合Aromatica Labo.®规定的要求时,才可以购买相关课程。请遵循教材中的 「課程申請流程」 

文憑持有者只有在符合Aromatica Labo.®規定的要求的情況下才能舉辦此類課程。請按照下一頁「課程申請流程」 進行操作。



Now this page is under construction.


International Official Agents will be listed soon.


You can contact your area Agent if you have already known.

If you don't know or if there is no official Aromatica Labo.®︎ International Agent in your area,

please contact Aromatica Labo.®︎ via this form.






如果你不知道有经销商,或者在你目前的国家没有经销商,请用下面的表格联系Aromatica Labo.®。