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 Paper Soap & Lace Soap Complete (5 types)

紙石けん&レースソープ コンプリート PL_4_3

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This is a lesson to complete 5 types of Paper Soap and Lace Soap, which melt fleetingly in the palm of your hand and transform into gentle bubbles.

A full 14-page text will be provided.


Recommended as a lesson lineup to expand the image of "Soap" in your classroom or as a menu for workshops.


Two types of paper soap:

・Film type paper soap

・Paper type paper soap


Three types of lace soap:


・CP Lace Soap

・Amino Acid Lace Soap*.

・Lace Soap of Liquid Soap Made from Vegetable Oil


We make five types of light soaps, all with different ingredients and production methods.

Even though the shapes look the same, you can enjoy the differences in comfort of use due to the different manufacturing methods, lathering and washing due to the different ingredients.


All soaps are cut into conveniently usable sizes for portable soaps.

It is also fun to arrange them as toppings for other soaps.


*If you would like to learn how to make soap raw materials for amino acid lace soap, please take the Amino Acid "Amino Acid Soap Basic & Crack Herbarium Soap Lesson".


▶︎ Film type Paper Soap

Thin and colorful "Film-type Paper Soap" that is easy to design as you wish and easy to carry.


It is made in sheet form and can be enjoyed by cutting it out with a mold of your choice. Even though it is thin, it foams well and is full of transparency, making it a cute Paper Soap.


In the lesson, you will make the base for 100 sheets of Film-type Paper Soap (enough for 100 times) from fats and oils, so you can enjoy making lace soap at home after the lesson.

▶︎ Paper type Paper Soap

You will make soap that does not stick to your hands, melts gently, and lathers well, which can be made using only commercially available soap.


The simple method of making this soap is safe and secure and ideal for fun workshops including children.


In addition to making the soap in a cute printed pattern, you can also arrange it by drawing a message or illustration. The lesson kit provides a variety of about 10 A4-size sheets.


As an application, we will also introduce Paper type Paper Soap made from 4 other types of soap.

▶︎ CP Lace Soap

Lace soap made by the cold process (CP) method.

CP Lace Soap base is first created from fats and oils, and then it is finished in lace form.


Aromatica's technology clears up the sticky and hard-to-melt nature of CP soap and provides a CP Lace Soap recipe that melts easily.


The CP Lace Soap Base makes enough for approximately 50 uses. You can enjoy making lace soap at home after the lesson.

cold process lace soap

▶︎ Amino Acid Lace Soap

Amino Acid Soap is used to make supple lace soap. This lace soap can be used as a design decoration for other soaps.


If you want to know how to make soap raw materials, we will teach you in "Amino Acid Soap Basic & Crack Herbarium Soap Lesson".


The lesson kit includes 80 pieces (80 times) of Amino Acid Lace Soap base and amino acid lace soap materials. 

Amino Acid Art Soap Moon Soap Making Method

▶︎ Lace Soap of Liquid Soap Made from Vegetable Oil

First, you will make liquid soap made from vegetable oil with caustic potash, which will be used to make lace soap.


The liquid soap base makes enough for approximately 100 pieces (100 times), so you can enjoy making lace soap at home after the lesson.


The liquid soap base can be arranged and used as liquid soap or kitchen soap.

Lace Soap of Liquid Soap Made from Vegetable Oil Original Soap Making


Full 14 pages♪ Careful and easy to understand! Textbook

Textbook that is easy to understand for both online courses and review is included.

Detailed step-by-step instructions. You can also re-create the lesson after the lesson.

Course Kit

A full kit is available♪ and you can continue enjoying soap-making after the lesson...

We will provide you with a kit of the mold and other items needed for this lesson. You may need to prepare some items for the lesson by yourself due to transportation. Please understand.

Course Fee

★Paper Soap & Lace Soap Complete (5 types)

Course Duration

5 hours

Online LIVE

Course Fee

¥48,400 (Textbook & Course Kit (including mold) & Diploma)

*Lace mold designs are subject to change depending on availability.


In addition to the above,

+ International Shipping Procedure Fee per shipping

+ International Shipping Costs
+ Interpreter Fee

Please make sure to prepare the following for the course

★Caustic soda Safety goggles
★Caustic potash Disposable rubber gloves
★Anhydrous Ethanol Mask

IH cooker (cassette stove, etc. fire is not acceptable)

Kitchen scale (0.1g increments) Wet towel for wiping hands
Handy type blender Protection for your table (newspaper or cookie sheet) 

Cling wrap




Empty plastic bottle


Essential Oil 3ml


Purified Water 500ml


That's all! Please note that there are many items to be prepared! Please be careful not to leave anything out.

If you are wondering what do I exactly need to prepare? Please have a look at "For Online CP Soap Students"



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