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 Aromatica Labo. ®︎ Method
︎Hot Process Soap Lesson - Quick Self-Rising Method
Simple steps to make ready-to-use HP soap with a smooth finish in a heat-resistant cup

ホットプロセスソープ クイックセルフライジング製法 HP_6_1

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Original Hot Process Soap Bar Making Quick Self Rising Method

Aromatica Labo. ®︎ Method



The "Aromatica Labo. ®︎ method Hot Process Soap Quick Self-Rising Method" is a hot process soap manufacturing method that differs from conventional HP soaps.


  • More Safety

By leaving the saponification reaction to the forces of nature, it is safer to make than conventional methods. Fewer tools are needed, and cleanup is easy.

  • Smoother Finish

Unlike conventional hot-process soap, which is a bit shabby, this soap can be made into a moist soap batter.

  • More Aromatic

One of the features of the quick self-rising process is the ability to enjoy the fragrance of fresh essential oils.

  • More Design enjoyment

The smooth texture of this fabric allows you to enjoy its design features while using the hot process method.

  • Easier and Faster

Once hardened, the soap can be used on the same day you make it. It is recommended for those who want to make soap with a good fragrance and feel immediately, and for those who want to make soap for home use in a short period of time.


Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method
Hot Process Soap
Quick Self-Rising Method

Original Hot Process Soap Bar Making Quick Self Rising Method


Simple steps to make in a heat-resistant cup

Ready-to-use, smooth-finish hot process soap

A. Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method
Hot Process Soap
Features of the Quick Self-Rising Method

B. Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method
Bamboo charcoal Hot Process Soap with Quick Self-Rising Method

C. Calculation of recipe for hot process soap


Aromatic Labo.®︎ original method, which is different from conventional hot process soaps that are continuously heated, in both process and finish, makes fragrant and smooth hot process soaps safer and easier to make.


In this lesson, we will use bamboo charcoal to create natural soaps with a chic adult design.


This textbook (recipe) is included in this course.


This textbook is also included in the Diploma and Instructional Lesson Kit (purchased separately at the time of instruction).

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★Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method Hot Process Soap Quick Self-Rising Lesson

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4 hours

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¥22,000 (Textbook, hot process soap materials etc. + Diploma Certificate)


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Please make sure to prepare the following for the course

★Caustic soda 1

Mold (1kg size)

Disposable molds are acceptable


IH cooker (required due to strict fire prevention) 1

Towel for keeping warm

Cover for 2L heatproof cup

Kitchen Scale 1

Thermal insulation box that can hold a 2L heat-resistant cup (styrofoam box or cardboard)

Handheld electric blender 1 Cling wrap  

Stainless steel bowl (2L size)


Safety goggles  
Silicon spatula 1 Disposable rubber gloves  
Thermometer (non-contact type is recommended) 1 Mask  
★Essential Oil  20ml Apron  
★ Purified Water 250ml    

That's all! Please note that there are many items to be prepared! Please be careful not to leave anything out.



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