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  Sweets made with MP Soap
& Fruits made with Clay Soap Diploma Course

MPソープで作るスイーツソープ&石鹸粘土で作るフルーツソープ S1S2_2_2_12

Online Class 7 Hours × 2 daysDiploma IssuanceOfficial Textbooks & Kits

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Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method Sweets made with MP Soap and Fruits made with Clay Soap
Diploma Course STEP 1 & STEP 2  SET Course < Qualification Course >

Online Class 7 Hours × 2 daysDiploma IssuanceOfficial Textbooks & Kits

Renewed! Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method
Sweets made with MP Soap and Fruits made with Clay Soap
Diploma Course Step 1 & 2


In December 2023, the Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method Sweets made with MP Soap and Fruits made with Clay Soap Diploma Course was renewed for those who want to acquire solid knowledge and skills and open classes as sweet soap instructors. 


The new diploma course involves taking both STEP 1 (formerly Diploma Course) and STEP 2 (formerly Creative Course A course).


Those who have completed the new diploma course will receive a teaching qualification and diploma certificate for STEP 1 and STEP 2 (formerly Creative Course A).


Why not add the Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method Sweets made with MP Soap and Fruits made with Clay Soap Diploma Course to your soap class lineup?

Diploma Course STEP 1


  • About MP Soap
  • About how to whisk
  • About colorants and scents

Practical 1.  3 kinds of Roll Cake Soap

(Vanilla, cocoa, strawberry, green tea, etc.)

Soft and foamy rich roll cake soap.

It is gorgeous with rich variations and colorful coloring of cream.

How to Make Roll Cake SoapMP Soap AromaticaNiigata

Practical 2.  Shortcake Soap

Basic sponge and cream combination.

Also introduces a version with strawberry sandwiches along with cream.

How to Make Sweets SoapSoap ClassesAromatica Niigata

Chocolate cake (only description is given in class)

Application of shortcake. Learn how to make glossy cream and how to make cigars.

Chocolate Cake Soap Sweets Soap Aromatica

Practical 3.  Ice Cream Soap

It will be made with leftover soap such as scraps from Practical 2. Sweets soaps can be enjoyed without waste.

Ice cream soap making class Tokyo Osaka Nagoya Fukuoka

Practical 4. Cup Cake & Cream Soap

Make cupcakes and shiny cream soaps.

Depending on the decorations, you can make various cupcakes.

You can also decorate them with flowers.

Sweets Soap Cupcake Soap Classes Aromatica Niigata Tsubame City Diploma

Practical 5. Soap Clay Making 

Soap clay that foams well is made from soap base.

This soap clay is soft and easy to handle and does not stick to hands.

Soap clay making class Japan Niigata

Practical 6. Making Fruit Soap with Soap Clay

Make bananas, coffee beans, blueberries, etc. with soap clay.

Using familiar tools and kneading by hand, we make fruit soaps. The result is realistic and surprising to everyone.

Cut them into desired sizes to add a decorative touch.

Depending on your ideas, you can make flowers, birds, macaroons, etc. You can also use them as they are.

Banana soapFruit soap Aromatica Niigata Tsubame City
*The cream puff is the work of STEP 2.

Practical 7. Using MP Soap
Strawberry Soap 

Fresh and realistic strawberry soap.

It is also cute when cut and put in cream.

You can also make raspberries by changing the mold.

You can use it as a decorative topping, and the variations will expand.

Strawberry soapStrawberry Soap Aromatica Niigata Tsubame City

Diploma Course STEP 2

Practical 1.  Pancake Soap

Make pancakes soap with plenty of maple syrup soap.


Practical 2.  Cream Puff Soap

The texture of the choux is realistically expressed with soap, and custard cream soap and whipped cream soap are sandwiched between them.


Practical 3.  Apple Danish Soap

Make Apple Danish Soap topped with juicy compote apples.


We will also tell you how to arrange it into Strawberry Danish Soap.


Practical 4.  Mille-feuille Soap

Learn how to express the texture of the pie and sandwich the strawberry you learned in STEP 1 and custard cream soap between the pies.



This textbook (recipe) is included in this course.


This textbook is also included in the Diploma and Instructional Lesson Kit (purchased separately at the time of instruction).

Course Fee

★Aromatica Labo.®︎ Method

Sweets made with MP Soap and Fruits made with Clay Soap
Diploma Course STEP 1 & STEP 2

Course Duration

7 hours × 2 days

Course Fee

¥122,100 (Textbook, Materials, Mold(s) etc. + Diploma Certificate)


In addition to the above,

+ International Shipping Procedure Fee per shipping

+ International Shipping Costs
+ Interpreter Fee

*After taking STEP 2, you can obtain a diploma certificate and teaching qualification.

*If you wish to manufacture and sell, you must apply and obtain permission from Aromatica Labo.®︎. Only those with a diploma can apply. In that case, please consider using OEM.

Some materials and tools in the kit are commonly used in STEP 1 and STEP 2. Please keep the remaining materials for STEP 2.

Please make sure to prepare the following for the course

Microwave Oven Cutting Board
Kitchen Scale (0.1g increments) Knife



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